The History

of the Property

written by Erwin Rosa Alagón

In 1960's, Lorenzo Alagón, my grandfather, came to Mandorpampa, dreaming that one day his rough field would turn into a great farm. In the period of "Reforma Agraria" (Agricultural reform) in the late 60's, more than the 90% of the land he bought was confiscated by the government, without reinbursement.


However, he was not upset by these reforms. He owned more land than he could manage, and poverty was rife in the area. He believed it was more fair to give the lands to people who could work it and needed it.


He kept an old tea factory running for a few more years, as well as buying some cows and vegetables seed. Paying the taxes and liabilities the previous owner left tied to the property seemed increasingly impossible.


More problems came with the establishment of the national park "Santuario Historico de Machupicchu" in 1981. The laws and regulations for the area restricted his activities in an unfair way. He was forced to stop cowbreeding, agriculture was limited and due to this, he and his family become very poor.

After some expeditions in our land, my grandfather discovered the Mandor waterfall and built a path to make it more accessable. He was always inviting people to visit him and this waterfall became another reason to entice guests.


In 1997, my mother, Nelly Alagón, left her job in Cusco and went into the cloud forest in Machupicchu to look after my old grandparents. She studied the master plan and all regulations for the area, looking for a way to sustain the family. Organic agriculture and agro-forestation were permited, but in those years nobody would pay more for organic food, so she give up on agriculture and kept the crops for our own consumption.

Around the year 2000, my mother received a donation of hundreds of seedlings. With these she reforested many hectares along the trail to Mandor falls. She started to promote visits to the waterfall, offering delicious food made by my grandmother Angélica in her woodfire kitchen. She was a great cooker and all of my family learned from her.

Currently, we are still trying to find a way to develop, with regulations still making things very complicated. Thanks to our visitors and guests contributions, we are able to continue with this conservation initiative, do more reforestation, research, protect the land from "predators", and give importance to the natural beauty and biodiversity of the area.


You are invited to visit us, and let nature purify your soul.

Thank you in advance for your contribution for the restoration and conservation of wild habitats in Peru.


See You Soon !

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Km 114.3 Ferrocarril Cusco - Machupicchu

Urubamba - Cusco - Perú

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